June 28, 2012 - 2 min read

Dedicated to all those lucky (?) ones who can relate to this poem.

It just so happens, that once in a while,
Everything you see looks double,
Sometimes it’s the faraway objects you can’t make out,
And sometimes it’s the close ones that are the trouble.

You obviously start to wonder why,
All you see has just gone blurry,
And when you can’t even see your beloved TV characters’ faces,
It’s then when you start to worry.

It’s possible, you might think,
That the 3D effect is getting to your mind,
But then you realize, it’s then you figure out,
It’s then that you finally find;

That it’s your eyes that are the problem,
When you think the world’s gone insane,
It’s just that your optic nerves
Just aren’t getting those images proper to your brain.

Grudgingly, you go to the eye-doctor’s place
To meet him, and try to read off those ever-shrinking letters
He looks at you, gives that sad smile, and says,
“Sorry, pal. It’s all for the better!”

You walk out of there, with those geeky glasses,
Yet the world looks crystal clear,
While earlier, you couldn’t tell a tree from a car,
You can tell when your date’s finally here.

Sometimes, when you look around,
And things don’t seem to make any sense,
Just reflect about that gift from God,
That retina, iris, and optic lens.

When you think that it’s the world that’s wrong
Think a while; let your mind run free,
The problem’s not in what you’re looking at,
It lies in how you see.