My Companion

April 11, 2010 - 2 min read

One day I was walking through
A meadow of yellow-green
I saw a tiny something
That barely could be seen.

My curiosity took over
And I went there to see
A young little seed
That captivated me.

I picked it up and took it home
And planted it nearby
Everyday I watered it
And waited for it to grow high.

All this happened many years ago
I can barely remember the view
But I still recall that everyday
I gave it water anew.

It was a very unimportant thing to me
Just a simple passing whim
But now, as I see what it has become
I am sure it was a gift from Him.

The little seed which I picked up
Has now become a tree
That now can fend for itself
And bears fruit for me.

But that is not all; not by a long way,
It has been with me the whole way through
I sat under its shade and played in its branches
It comforted me when I was blue.

Now I understand its importance
But alas! I have found out too late
For my dear companion since childhood
Has met its cruel fate.

Though it was in my land
A woodcutter had chopped it down
Just the stump was left;
Only it was left brown.

I was left speechless
I couldn’t at all believe this
And I realized finally
What greatness I would miss.

I still remember coming home
And seeing it stand tall and lean
Now my heart fills with sadness;
My companion can barely be seen.